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Amidst the violent storms...

Papers in the wind.

11/1/05 11:08 pm - snuzzie

Okay. So I'm friending all of the entries again because of NaNo. Just in case I ever want to publish it and the rights for that are sacked because I wrote it publically.

So if any of you are watching this journal without having joined it, I would join it if you want to see the pieces.

...not that there would be many of you, but I'm just saying. XD.

8/4/05 06:49 pm - snuzzie

Right. Screw the whole friends-only thing. Not like anyone looks at this anyway, ahaha.

So. I'm bored.

So I'm going to post some poems I did at MSA.

Light on a Bridge

Cold rail under hands.
Glazed eyes staring out into
the everything,
seeing nothing.
The dense fog clings,
peripheral vision hindered,
blocked, obstructed,
visions of winter trees,
naked branches bending
underneath the blank weight of snow.
The delayed arrival of dawn
with the moon still high in the crisp air.
Headlights behind pass by
as passengers of a sleeping planet
forget nature’s majesty.
The frozen breath in an air so cold
as to prick the skin as with needles.
The faint slipping of unfrozen water
against cragged edges
and the frozen dew on brown stalks
of stiff grass.
The brilliance of the moon
cuts through the thick fog
that masks a light on a bridge
staring out at
a frozen world.


This was for my 'Stylistic Signatures' class. We went to the museum of art and archaeology and looked at the paintings and had to write a poem using whichever one we wanted to. This was inspired by a...modern painting (v. small) of a bridge in...I want to say Chicago...covered in fog. It was a small picture done in charcoal, I want to say, all gray and black. Anyway. My teacher really liked this poem and, now that I look back on it, I do too.


A Breath of Life

Eyes open, gazing above her.
The colors of the sky slowly change,
the creamy peach light is accompanied by rich, cherry streaks.
Sensing darker colors hovering close by,
Within minutes the soft peaches dissipate
to cool, evening grays, hues of soft purple, and
before long, the sky is covered,
with a navy blue as deep as the chasms of her mind.
Folding her arms behind her, lying back lazily.
Eyes closed, a thick blanket of dark velvet cloaks her.
The gentle zephyrs of spring play across her haven,
nudging soft, yet sharp blades of grass against her cool skin.
Breathing in, clean air rushing to fill her lungs.
She can taste the rain in the air and hear
the quivering, lazy notes of sleepy birds.
With open eyes tearing away from
the masking darkness
to see the expansive sky
with heavy, gray clouds.
The deep rumble of thunder and a smile as a drop
of rain touches her forehead.
Then, another breath of life as she closes her eyes
and waits for the rain
to wash the world clean.


This one was just inspired sitting outside on a gorgeous day. I liked it a lot at first. I still like it, but I think I like the bridge one more.


Alright. That's enough for today. ...not that anyone reads this. Oh well. XD.

10/26/04 12:16 am - snuzzie - October 25th Exercise; Emotions

Among other things, I still think the whole Ashlee Simpson lip synching thing is hilarious. I don't hold her against it. I personally think she's adorable (this could be because I watch a little too much 7th Heaven. >>;;) and eh, I'm sure some singer lip synches some time or another. The poor girl has been humiliated enough. Plus she has a bimbo for a sister. Let it go.

Anyway, now that I've gotten that out of the way.

This exercise is from the NaNoWriMo forums in an attempt to get myself "prepared" for November. Ha. As if. Here are the rules, since this is my first one:

The drill: write for five minutes about the topic of the day, then stop. The goal is to write as much as you can and ignore your inner editor for those five minutes. Then post it all here for the world to see

Oh, and if you go over 5 minutes, the punishment is severe- we'll boil you alive and serve you on a platter during the Kick Off Parties in November if you post that you wrote 400 words in 6 minutes and 2 seconds.

(Nah, really the 5 minutes is just so we dont get posts with like a thousand words, usually people go over by a minute or two when they really like what they're writing)

So. Here we go.


Exercise; Emotions

Starting Time: 12:07

It's beginning. I can't stop it. I can't stall it. The moment is here. The clock won't turn back it's hands now. Now is the time for me to begin. Am I ready? I laugh at the thought. I am far from being so. My throat is dry and I think it would be easier to ram myself against something as opposed to opening it. Does that make any sense? I don't think so. My brain has stopped working. It has stopped feeling. There's a dull buzzing sound, but I can't discern what it is. My hands are clammy. Are my hands always this sweaty? No matter how many times I rub them together, the feeling doesn't go away. I'm shaking. It's uncontrollable. This is what I do. I shake. How am I not in control of my own body? My head is throbbing. I can't see anything anymore. Are you still in front of me? Can you see me now? I'm trying to swallow, but I can't generate enough saliva to do so. My throat muscles are tensing, but I cannot loosen them again. What is going on? My muscles--all of my muscles--have stopped working. I am paralyzed. What is this feeling? I cannot move my legs. Apparently they're not responding to me anymore. My arms--why are they plastered to my side? I can feel a teardrop running down...my face? I can't feel it anymore. I'm numb. I cannot think anymore. I cannot see anymore. I'm gone.

Stopping time: 12:12

Words: 251


Wow. That is a bunch of crap. I suppose that's why these are called practices, eh? That started out as anxiety, but I have no idea what the hell it ended up as.

I suppose that answers the indecisiveness that I had regarding whether my NaNo should be in 1st or 3rd person. Apparently Snuzzie cannot write very well in 1st person. >>;;;

9/23/04 11:54 pm - snuzzie

Well this is Snuzzie from...snuzzie. Am testing this thing. I'll get it all set up with the Friends Only banner and everything sometime. >>;;;.
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